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TYLOS Private School (TPS) aim is to develop citizens of integrity who will become life long learners by building genuine, positive, respectful and professional scholarship among staff, students and parents and by providing unlimited opportunities for academic achievement within a safe and secure environment. TPS also aims to create a nurturing learning environment where students, faculty and community work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior and personal responsibility. Guided by our core-values of respect, responsibility and relationship and the promotion of lifelong learning. TPS aim is to honour the potentials in each child and support all learners. Within a safe and flexible learning environment, our aim culminates in guiding children toward becoming meaningful contributors in our dynamic modern society.


Student activities are provided for all students according to grades and age groups.
Activities are different kinds: 
Academic ActivitiesThese are activities planned yearly according to the curricula. A program of activities is prepared by each department. They are held for all grades during school hours.Extra curricula ActivitiesThese are different kinds of activities that are planned to meet different interests and needs of students. They cover areas that are not fully included in the curricula. Usually they are not in school hours, and some of them are optional.
Parents Teacher Association (P.T.A.) ActivitiesThese activities are planned by the P.T.A to reinforce the beliefs and philosophy of the school and relations between parents and school.
Student Council ActivitiesThese activities are planned by the student council to develop the sense of responsibility and leadership in students. These activities help lower and upper grades students to interact.

Student activities in the school are supervised by the activity department in the school. Other activities are held by the P.T.A (Parents Teacher Association) which is elected by the parents of the school every two years and the student council which is elected yearly by the students.
These three departments in the school provide different kinds of activities to all students, parents, staff and members of the community.

Academic Activity

English And Arabic Departments Activities:
 - School library week
 - Poetry recital competitions
 - Plays
 - Spelling contests
 - General knowledge contest
 - National and International writing competition.

  Science And Technology Activities:
 - Science day
 a. Exhibitions of students’ work.
 b. Scientific projects.
 c.  Scientific Competitions among classes, parents and students.
 d. Debates on controversial scientific issues such as : cloning,
     genetics and engineering.
 - Environmental activities and contests.
 - Math and science Olympics.
 - Computer activities.

  Social Studies Activities:
 - Explore Bahrain.
 - Field trips

  Fine Arts Activities:
 - Art vocational exhibition.
 - Art competition in school.
 - National and International competitions.
 - Decorations for national and religious days.
 - Preparing props and sets for school plays.

  Music concerts/ plays:
 - National song festival for children.
 - National child theatre, TV. Programs.

  Sports Activities:
 - School Teams: football, basketball, fencing, table tennis, weight
   lifting and track and field.
 - Class tournaments.
 - Teachers, students tournaments.
 - Sport Day.

  End of Term Performances:
 -  End of year performances for grades KG-grade 6.
 - Optional performances for other grades.

  Creative Production Competition:
 Children Creativity Contest in the areas of writing, science and fine art.

Extra Curricular Activities

1-Saturdays(Vision) and after school activities
 - Sports.
  - Art.
 - Music.
 2-Career Day

 4-National festivals
 5-Community services

P.T.A Activities

1. Camps for all students.(Vision)     

 2. Quiz night for students and parents.(Vision)

 3. Trips for parents (Vision), staff and students.

 4. Fun fair day

 5. Fund raising for charity.(Vision)
 6. Educational lectures for students, parents(Vision) and staff.

 7. National and religious celebrations.

 8. Annual trip for graduating class (Vision)

Student Council activities

1. Bake sale.

 2. Fun parties for lower grades.

 3. Talent shows.

 4. Activities for upper grades.

 5. Community services:
 - Environment
 - Charity


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