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Busaiteen, Bahrain
TYLOS Private School (TPS) aim is to develop citizens of integrity who will become life long learners by building genuine, positive, respectful and professional scholarship among staff, students and parents and by providing unlimited opportunities for academic achievement within a safe and secure environment. TPS also aims to create a nurturing learning environment where students, faculty and community work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior and personal responsibility. Guided by our core-values of respect, responsibility and relationship and the promotion of lifelong learning. TPS aim is to honour the potentials in each child and support all learners. Within a safe and flexible learning environment, our aim culminates in guiding children toward becoming meaningful contributors in our dynamic modern society.


Tylos Private School was opened in the academic year 2009-2010 with special funding from Mr. Hassan Zuwayed, license owner, in Busaiteen area in Muharraq.
The main objectives of founding the school were to create a learning environment that prioritizes the development of the skills and competencies of students in various aspects, to help forming their personality and get the best education through internationally certified curricula to improve the level of the students’ progress, especially in core subjects (Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science) with an emphasis on instilling thoroughbred values in our children derived ​ from Islam.
 The school began with sixty six students starting from the kindergarten till the fifth grade.  The school has shown tangible evidence of success in being able to attract a large number of students in a short period of time, as this number has increased to 300 students from kindergarten to the final stage of basic education (eighth grade), in addition to a long waiting list, however the capacity of the building cannot accommodate the students on the waiting list
The school consists of two connected buildings and a common yard which have facilities that help to enrich the educational process, such as a Computer lab, a Science lab and a learning resource centre, an Art rooms, a Robotics Laboratory, an outdoor swimming pool and a yard used for physical education lessons and school events. The school has expanded in just two years since it’s opening to include another building which is on the same avenue from the main campus. The building is allocated for kindergarten and grade one.
In regards with  the curriculum, the school has adopted the American curriculum   in the first three years and then shifted to the British curriculum starting from grade 4 till grade 8in English,  Mathematics and Science for the academic year 2012/2013, and will shift to the rest of the grades from the next academic year 2013-2014 . The school is also keen on the Implementation of many curricular and extra-curricular activities in various fields, taking into account the talents and desires of the students.
The school policy is based on the participation and cooperation among all the school staff. In addition, Parents have channels of communication through PTA which is held on beginning of each month, the school also organizes meetings with parents through open days or direct meetings and continuous communication. Nevertheless, Students have channels of communication through the students’ council elected by them and student committees.
The school also involves all staff in school decision-making through participating in various committees and through weekly meeting, which is held between the administration and all teachers. Administration is also working on motivating the employees by financial and material incentives so as to ensure the development of the spirit of belonging and their creativity.
 The School is looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm, and continuously trying to keep pace with the educational and technological changes to develop its work and to graduate a generation that loves learning and is able to meet the challenges and difficulties throughout life.


  1. Hiii...
    I like your article...
    A lot of people we know are applying to privates and parochial schools but we only toured one independent and one Catholic and didn't feel either would be a good fit for us. The cost was too much and didn't have a strong passion for it or their philosophy/approach. There were things I liked in both schools but, in the case of the high priced independent, almost thought it was a bit over the top and too much of a bubble. Would be curious to get others impressions however.
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. What is your monthly fees structure?