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Busaiteen, Bahrain
TYLOS Private School (TPS) aim is to develop citizens of integrity who will become life long learners by building genuine, positive, respectful and professional scholarship among staff, students and parents and by providing unlimited opportunities for academic achievement within a safe and secure environment. TPS also aims to create a nurturing learning environment where students, faculty and community work together to develop academic excellence, ethical behavior and personal responsibility. Guided by our core-values of respect, responsibility and relationship and the promotion of lifelong learning. TPS aim is to honour the potentials in each child and support all learners. Within a safe and flexible learning environment, our aim culminates in guiding children toward becoming meaningful contributors in our dynamic modern society.


Our mission is a joint home-school partnership that will promote leadership and academic excellence by providing a healthy, secure environment lifelong learners, to reach their fullest potential as individuals and global citizens, with emphasis on Islamic and traditional valued


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